Barcelona Modernista Fair

Barcelona Modernista Fair

Previous editions of the Barcelona Modernista Fair

The first edition of the Barcelona Modernista Fair was held in 2005 in order to promote this architectural and cultural heritage in a manner that was more accessible to people, by heading out into the streets and returning for a few days to Barcelona at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, a period of major artists who turned Barcelona into the Modernista city par excellence.

With this idea in mind, the Barcelona City Council and Association of Retail Traders and Professionals of the Dreta de l’Eixample neighbourhood (CorEixample), in collaboration with the Mercat de la Concepció and as part of the neighbourhood’s Festa Major celebration, organise many activities for all ages to relive and promote this heritage from a recreational and cultural perspective.

A variety of activities are held during the Fair – talks, workshops, puppet shows, giant figures, performances, antique cars, cultural itineraries, stalls of municipalities and entities related to Modernisme and artisans, among others, as well as the participation of groups dressed in period costumes of the time – in order to showcase and promote Modernisme and ultimately preserve this entire legacy that envelops Barcelona’s urban landscape every day, convinced in the knowledge that to know it is to love it and, therefore, to preserve it.

The Fair is dedicated each year to a specific Modernista figure, work or event that represents an opportunity to showcase artists or aspects that are in some cases perhaps little known but have played a major role within Modernisme and have influenced our culture and society.

The Fair is organised by the Municipal Institute of Urban Landscape, CorEixample and Eixample District in collaboration with the Mercat de la Concepció.

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