Barcelona Modernista Fair

Barcelona Modernista Fair

14th Barcelona Modernista Fair 2018

· Where? Carrers Girona, Aragó i Diagonal
· When? From 1 to June 3rd. 2018
· Days? Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Our Fair to be held on 1, 2 and 3 June this year 2018 will be dedicated to the Modernista painter Lluïsa Vidal (1876-1918) to mark the centenary of her death. The magazine will have an interview with and article by Consol Oltra, a teacher and writer who is an expert on Lluïsa Vidal, highlighting the fact that she was one of the very few Modernista painters who managed to devote herself professionally to her art in a field dominated almost exclusively by men. On Friday, she will give a talk entitled “Lluïsa Vidal, the woman painter of Modernisme” at Hotel Palace.

The puppet show will also dedicate its show Lluïsa Vidal pintora (Lluïsa Vidal painter) to her and several entities will conduct workshops, one of which will consist of painting a large self-portrait of her among all the children who visit us. On Friday, the Association Teatre Dona i Descabellades will perform a theatrical soirée dedicated to Lluïsa Vidal at Casa Elizalde.

There will also be lots of novelties at the Fair this year! Like a juggling workshop on Friday in which children can play and experiment with various games, and two shows at the weekend. Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen, arriving at the Fair is Mr Strombli and his troupe of artists, with miraculous elixirs, bearded women, bullet birds, circus artists monkeys, etc., the secrets of Mr Stromboli, a real spectacle! As well as L’elixir de la vida del professor Karoli (Professor Karoli’s elixir of life), a street show with a Modernista look during which the public will be able to enjoy the antics of a witty charlatan live and direct, all seasoned with circus skills in order to travel back to the charm of the fairs of the early 20th century.

We will also have for the first time the route “El Modernisme burgès de Lluís Domènech i Montaner” (The bourgeois Modernisme of Lluís Domènech i Montaner), a tour of the works for the bourgeoisie that the architect built in the Dreta de l’Eixample, organised by the Centre d’Estudis Lluís Domènech i Montaner in Canet de Mar. Two other new activities include a Modernista fashion show by the group Llum i Color del 900, advised by the Textile Museum of Terrassa, and the boy or girl flag bearers of the cavalcade of vintage cars. Come before the start of the parade and you can wave the chequered flag at the start and be rewarded with a free ride around Barcelona in one of the vehicles!

The talks we are holding on Friday in the Fair’s marquee this year will be “The history of Modernisme and painting in the time of Lluïsa Vidal” by Òmnium Cultural and “1900, the beginning of the 20th century” by Josep Lluís Moya.

Our Fair is undoubtedly growing and this is demonstrated by the fact that there are more stands from entities this year, a total of twenty-one, with the novelty of the Gaudí Museum at the Casa Botines in León, the work of Antoni Gaudí and also now housing the museum project of the Fundación Obra Social de Castilla y León (FUNDOS), thereby bringing together 500 years of art history on the Iberian Peninsula, from the end of the 15th century to the end of the 20th century.

We wish you a happy 2018 Fair!

Modernista Fair Program 2018

Organised by:
Ruta del Modernisme de Barcelona
Ruta Europea del Modernisme
Museu del Modernisme de Barcelona
Ajuntament de Badalona
Casa de les Punxes
Cases Singulars
Centre Cultural La Casa Elizalde
Torre Bellesguard Antoni Gaudí
Museu AGBAR de les Aigües
Riga City Council
Ajuntament de Terrassa
Diputació de Barcelona
Museu d'Art de Cerdanyola
Ciudad Autónoma de Melilla
Museu Arxiu Tomàs Balvey de Cardedeu
Centre d'Estudis Domènech i Montaner (CEDIM)
Modernisme al Maresme
Cementiris de Barcelona
Museo Gaudí Casa Botines
Consorci de Turisme del Baix Llobregat
Ajuntament d'Alcoi